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Window Tinting Film

Commerical Window Tinting

         We are the Preferred Provider of Commercial Window Tinting in the

Tampa Area for Safety, Energy Efficiency, Comfort, and Aesthetic Appeal!


Our initial inspection and energy evaluation considers each building’s unique glass and architectural complexities.    

Considering these distinctions with a thorough analysis of a facility’s overall needs are essential steps taken to determine a

basis for result-driven solutions. Upon completion, we spend as much time as necessary with facility engineers

and management to discuss and review our recommendations.

Our selection of state-of-the-art films offers stunning solutions:

   Ceramic films with patented Nano-ceramic abilities.

   Impact/Security films to safe-guard your building.

   UV Protection films for glare reduction and skin protection from harmful UV exposure.

   Energy Efficiency films for less run-time on HVAC which reduces energy consumption.

   Anti-Graffiti clear films to protect areas vulnerable to scratches, scuff marks, etc.

   Decorative films that add privacy and aesthetic appeal with unlimited design possibilities.


   Why does Central Florida's Commercial Sector Want Our Window Tinting Crews to Perform the Installations?

  • Our free energy analysis is compliant with the U.S. Department of Energy standards.
  • We are experienced in high-rise exterior projects that require boom lifts, swing stages, boatswain chairs, etc.
  • All installers must pass strict security clearance and have experience working in highly secured facilities.
  • Jeremy Shapiro, CEO and award winning installation expert, personally trains his crews with a CAN DO attitude to make sure that projects are finished on time….every time.
  • We don’t punch a clock – we work nights and weekends in lieu of anything that could interfere with getting the project done as agreed.
  • We are nationally branded and recognized as “wet-glaze attachment” specialists.
  • A skilled professional team leader with years of experience is present to oversee every project.
  • Our company policy to never hire sub-contractors is strictly enforced.
  • High Impact Glass Solutions is licensed and insured.


   Additional benefits of commercial window tinting includes reduced property insurance and through new government programs, property taxes may also be lowered. Additionally, our customers see an impressive return on their investment within 2-3 years.

   Our goal is to deliver cost-saving strategies to improve the envelope of facilities for the long term. We have a proven track-record of reaching this goal with our award-winning films and exemplary installations.

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