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With temperatures rising and sun blasting through glass, now is the time to consider window tint that looks hot...and feels cool! If you don’t want to compromise your driving comfort during the hot months ahead, you’ve come to the right place! At High Impact Glass Solutions, we’ll introduce you to world class film that out-performs any other auto tint in the industry!

  • Up to 96% Infra Red heat rejection
  • Low reflectivity
  • Unsurpassed durability
  • Reduces glare and driving fatigue
  • UV rejection up to 99.9%
  • Extends lifespan of interior upholstery
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • 100% metal and dye free
Huper Window Film Tinting

High Impact Glass Solutions offers benefits beyond making your car look awesome. We also help your passengers feel ever so comfy and our window film with sun-shield technology gives all occupants the very best protection from harmful UV rays.

Though we can’t slather everyone with sunscreen at the beach, we can help protect our customers from UV radiation while driving. The following statistics are not intended to alarm you but rather to make you aware of the documented dangers from sun exposure:

  • More than one million new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year
  • One American dies of melanoma almost every hour
  • Florida ranks as one of the states with the highest rate of skin cancer deaths
  • Approximately 626 of the 5,000 Floridians diagnosed with Skin Cancer annually will die
  • Latest statistics indicate that the skin on babies and children are most vulnerable to UV ray damage

Now the good news! Once your installation is complete, you and your passengers will enjoy significant heat reduction in an automobile that’s looking ever so sweet. Also, your filmed windows will perform as protective sun shields endorsed by The Skin Cancer Foundation. Feeling cooler, no worries about UV radiation, and crystal clear views make commuting to work and planning long road trips much more enjoyable and safer. Indulge yourself with all these benefits from a selection of films that come with a lifetime guarantee.

The Feel and Look of Luxury

We invite all drivers in the Tampa Bay area to visit our beautiful clean air-conditioned shop where you can preview our entire selection of auto tints. Besides Huper Optik USA, we carry a range of excellent performing films to fit everyone’s needs and budgets. Our tinting specialists are available to place samples on you vehicle’s glass and answer any questions that you may have. Call ahead to schedule a complimentary glass cancer-evaluation. We also illustrate the performance of the different films to:

Huper Optik LLumar Air Blue Brochure The Smarter Choice For the Fast Lane

Special Attention Contractors!

Statistics show that employees who are more comfortable perform better. From years of tinting work trucks, we’ve found this to be a very accurate observation. As contractors, we also recognize the value of protecting tools and equipment kept in trucks that are vulnerable to smash and grab. Promote comfort, safety, AND protect your inventory! Whether you have one truck on the road….or a fleet of trucks, don’t forget to ask about our discounted film installations for contractors.