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Window Tinting Film

Frequently Asked Questions

“Educating our customers builds confidence in our products and helps us to promote excellent customer service before and well after the job is completed”.

Q: Do I need to clean the windows and remove blinds or drapes (window treatments) before the film is installed?

There is nothing required of you. Our technicians are trained to thoroughly wash your windows prior to the film application. We are accustomed to being in multi-million dollar homes and have acquired the expertise to remove, replace, and protect any and all types of window treatments.

Q: Will the film darken my rooms?

Our selection of films range from completely clear to a total black-out look. You will have the opportunity to see the samples on your windows during the complimentary consultation and select the shade that best fits your needs and personal taste.

Q: If need be, can the film be removed?

Though strong adhesives attach the film to your glass, the nature of these adhesives also allows the coating to be removed with causing damage.

Q: Is the window film installed on the interior or exterior side of the glass?

Traditionally, the coating is applied on the inside of the glass. There are instances when some window systems can mandate an exterior application but this is more often found in the commercial sector.

Q: Will I encounter toxins, odors, or a mess after the installation is complete?

We do not use any chemicals during the process so there will never be any foreign odors. Wearing booties and covering work areas with tarps are strictly enforced. Any area where furniture must be moved is marked with tape so that everything is put back exactly where it belongs.

Q: Do your films have a warranty?

Huper Optik and EnerLogic offer a lifetime warranty for residential applications and a 15 year warranty for commercial applications.

Q: Will your films really help me save money on my electric bills?

Absolutely! What separates Huper Optik film from traditional film is its ability to significantly reduce a greater amount of infrared heat penetrating though your windows. You will see a reduction in your monthly utility bills and may even extend the life of your air-conditioning system.

Q: Will I be eligible for tax credits?

Yes! Please click here for details.

Q: Will we qualify for energy rebate programs?

Please read the information we’ve provided for Energy Rebates. For additional details, call our office and we will be happy to assist you with the rebate process.

Q: Are your films endorsed by the NFRC?

We are proud to announce that our primary window film manufacturer, Solutia-CPFilms, a subsidiary of Eastman, has become the first window film manufacturer to be NFRC Certified.