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Residential Window Tinting

Today’s trend for adding glass in our homes allows natural lighting and outside views to create an open, invigorating atmosphere. However, this is also the leading cause for higher energy costs resulting from heat intrusion, excessive glare, dangerous Ultra Violet ray exposure and premature fading of interior furnishings. What starts out to be a dream home often introduces many unwelcome problems.

Our Huper Optik window films are specially engineered to resolve these problems while enhancing a home’s glass and architectural design.  Their Prestige video illustrates how years of rigorous testing and technology equips Huper Optik to achieve such notoriety.

Seamless Beauty With Superior Performance

Rising Energy Costs Solution

According to the EPA, nearly half of a home’s energy is lost through untreated windows. The inefficiency of clear single pane glass allows for hot spots in homes and puts a high demand on air conditioning systems. With Huper Optik’s high infra-red heat rejection of up to 96%, as well with its ability to reduce the total solar energy build-up, your home becomes cooler with less use of its air-conditioning system. Results? More comfort, less glare, and lower utility bills. 

Sun Damage Solution

Huper Optik nano-technology window films reject more than 99.9% of ultra-violet rays to protect skin from the risk of pre-mature ageing and even cancer. Many consumers are not aware that these dangerous rays enter through untreated glass and contribute to the alarming number of approximately 626 Floridians who get diagnosed each year with melanoma. 

Ultra-violet rays also cause fading and deterioration of a home’s interior. With German technology fade protection built into Huper Optik films, the life of valuable artwork, window treatments, floors, and furniture can be guarded and even extended. Why settle for anything less than the best to protect what’s most valuable in your home: interior furnishings…and your family! 


Deed Restrictions Solution

Home owner associations traditionally restrict glass that is reflective. Unlike conventional films, Huper Optik films are optically clear, 100% free of dyes and metals, engineered with advanced multi-layered ceramic coatings. Results? No reflectivity, no demetalization, no discoloration.  

Lasting Durability Solution

Powered by Meister Keramische Technologie, Huper Optik’s Titanium Nitride Ceramic Layers simply can’t be compared to the performance from ordinary ceramic coatings that typically have only one layer. Even Huper Optik’s coating has been found to be remarkably more durable and scratch resistant than traditional films.

Huper Optik put their films to the test against both conventional metallic and dyed window films for UV degradation beyond their expected life cycles….and came out on top. Out performing every other film in so many categories, Huper Optik is by far the most durable film to meet any home’s requirements for optimal solar control solutions. 

Huper Optik is known for its innovation in ceramics with its patented dual layer, nano-ceramic low reflectivity that offers crystal clear clarity for optimal views.  With no garnish metallic or shiny look, your home’s overall aesthetics will be enhanced with a choice of films that includes soft natural shades, adding the additional benefit of European style to Huper Optik’s unmatched solar-reducing performance. 

Fuel consumption decreased….comfort, aesthetic appeal, and ultra-violet ray safety increased. It is no wonder why Huper Optik exceeds the expectations of our most discriminating customers.