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Window Tinting Film

Huper Optik Films

Huper Optik Films

German Technology for Extraordinary Performance

As a window film company that excels in all aspects of solar protection and energy savings, High Impact Glass Solutions is honored to provide Huper Optik films for residential, commercial, marine, and automotive applications.

Huper Optik’s Prestige video illustrates how their films have earned so much prominence in the window film industry and why they transcend all other conventional films.

A Selection of Film Types to Meet Every Need

  • Fusion Film Series - With its fusion of green technology and energy saving performance, Huper Fusion is a popular, affordable film for residential and commercial applications. Their neutral tone shades with reflective properties offer a sustainable solution to replacing glass. Click here for more information.
  • Ceramic Film Series - Unlike dyed or metalized film, these films deliver superb heat rejection with low reflectivity for crystal clear views. Also popular for their durability to endure harsh environments, the Huper Optik Ceramic Series is your ideal choice whether on land or at sea.  Click here for more information.
  • Select Film Series - For comfort in your vehicle, at work, or at home, Huper Optik Select Films outperform all conventional films. These metallic and dye free films are engineered to provide high heat rejection without compromised visibility and reject damaging infra-red and ultra-violet rays without any significant visible light transmission. These hybrid films containing multiple layers of non-corrosive nano ceramic technology qualifies them as Huper Optik’s highest performing, most advanced films on the market.
  • Therm-X Films - The commercial sector relies especially on the proprietary blend of metals in these films to act as energy efficient thermal barriers. They add privacy while allowing visible performance and deliver a great return on investment.  Click here for more information.
  • Exterior Films - These films deliver an external shield against heat and damaging UV rays. Made with a durable weatherized layer specifically designed for exterior applications, our clients rely on the Huper Optik exterior series when additional energy protection is needed.
  • Mirrored Films – Also referred to as dual reflective films, their mirrored exterior provides maximum privacy combined with high heat rejection. To aid in night visibility, these films are engineered with a low reflective interior side. Categorized as Huper Optik’s most affordable film series, their benefits are appreciated in many applications with extra popularity around pool and patio areas and any where glass opens to a view of the sunset.

The advancements in window film technology have been recognized by utility companies as part of the progressive movement towards green sustainability. Hence, many energy companies offer incentives for qualifying window film applications. Since Huper Optik films qualify for these incentives, many of our customers receive generous energy rebates.  But Hurry - these rebates expire soon!!

Huper Optik Films

Utilizing advanced German technology, Huper Optik’s films qualify as the world’s first true nano-ceramic solar control film bringing the utmost in performance, comfort and style.

Where ever there’s a need for the very best look with results that can be relied on year after year, Huper Optik films are recommended world-wide.

Huper Optik Showcase - A Display of International Recognition

As the industry leader, Huper Optik’s German technology films deliver high-quality products to establish total customer satisfaction. High Impact Glass Solutions is excited and privileged to offer such a diverse array of window films that deliver unrivaled performance. No other film in the industry will preserve the views of nature through your windows, provide comfort that you can truly feel, and add aesthetic appeal that you can truly see!

Tampa Huper Optik Dealer Earns Top Recognition

Since 1998, Huper Optik's revolutionary patented nanotechnology window film has been installed world-wide with stunning results. Over the years, it's become a tradition to annually recognize select dealers who exemplify Huper Optik's standard of integrity and welcome them into their prestigous "Circle of Regional Excellence" (CORE).

CORE inductees must show an outstanding ability to represent the "very best" in the window tinting industry. Jeremy Shapiro earned exceptional recognition for conducting his business with CORE ethics and values while empowering other dealers with prolific advise, personal training, and exemplary business practices. In response to his many innovative contributions, Jeremy was formally inducted into the Huper Optik Circle of Regional Excellence at the 2016 Dealer Meeting in Las Vegas, NV. 

Congratulations to all the dealers who were inducted!

The Huper Optik Dealer Network Alliance will continue to expand their quality and productivity thanks to the feedback from their CORE members.