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Window Tinting Film

Marine Window Tinting

Tampa Area Yacht Owners Trust High Impact Glass Solutions

For Yacht & Boat Window Tinting

Unlike a stationary structure, applying window film on a marine vessel introduces unique challenges.  Much like professional athletes who train for the ultimate technique, our elite team of boat tinters train to overcome the toughest of situations on any given yacht. Testimonies from hundreds of elated boaters are appreciated confirmations about how our window tinting applications add safety, energy efficiency, add comfort to their boating experience.


 High Impact Glass Solutions uses high quality Huper Optik film to provide boaters with the benefits they need:    

  Patented Nano-Ceramic Coating endures a life at sea.

  No separation, peeling, or discoloration in a salt-water environment.

  A dramatically cooler cabin and comfort for all aboard.

  Lessens draw on engine horsepower – increases fuel efficiency.

  Reduction in glare without compromising optical clarity – day and night.

  Zero interference with electronic functionality

  Up to 99.9% reduction of sun’s harmful cancer-causing UV-A and UV-B rays.

  Prolongs and protects the life of navigational components

  Provides a barrier of protection against fading of interior furnishings.


To accommodate our customers, all installations are done wherever their boats are docked or in storage and scheduled without disruption to any boating plans. After we analyze the best solutions for each boat’s specific needs, we’ll review our recommendations and demonstrate how our films actually perform on the vessel’s glass. We want you to see and feel the difference before the project is even started.


You wouldn’t compromise your health and safety on land….and now you don’t have to on the water! Before you cast off, our team of acclaimed window tinting specialists can come on board and make sure that your next “Bon Voyage” is the very best! 

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"If you have a need for window tinting on your boat / yacht, I highly recommend Mr. Jeremy Shapiro and his team at High Impact Glass Solutions. From the initial consultation to the finished product, Jeremy and his team were exceptional. The estimate was spot on, the schedule was adhered to just as he outlined and the quality of the work is superior to anything we’ve seen on any other yachts. Jeremy Shapiro and High Impact Glass Solutions should be your first / only call if you intend to have your boat / yacht windows tinted." Brian Will