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Why Choose High Impact Glass Solutions

for Window Tinting Your Home?

Begin with our free evaluation, add the time we invest, and the additional steps we take for excellence in customer service.

These are what set us apart from the competition!



     There is never a sense of rushing. We take the time necessary for homeowners to be informed about why window film is needed and the results they can expect.

    We demonstrate how each film will perform on their glass.

    To avoid costly mistakes, we analyze each home’s glass types and recommend film according to the manufacturer’s “film to glass recommendation chart”.

    Our installation crews represent the character of our company. Therefore all installers pass strict security clearance and must have zero blemishes on background checks.

    Anything less than professional conduct will not be tolerated.

    Each trainee is hand-picked and personally trained and tested by our award winning owner. 

    A skilled professional with years of experience is present to oversee every job.

    We adhere to our strict company policy which excludes sub-contractors from working on any of our projects.

How are our installation crews differenct from anyone else's?  We’ve all heard the expression “it’s the little things that count”. In order to treat homes and homeowners with respect, our crews are continually reminded to take this saying very seriously.

  • Booties are worn over shoes to keep homes clean – no exceptions!
  • Location of furnishings, fixtures, paintings, etc. are marked with tape to ensure that their return is precisely positioned.
  • Window treatments are carefully protected and put back exactly the way they were upon our arrival.
  • Protective tarps are used in work areas to preserve the character of the home.
  • Cleanliness is never compromised during or when installations are completed.

The performance of our films results in extraordinary high customer satisfaction. However, it’s what we incorporate before and during the installation process that truly sets us apart from all competition and makes High Impact Glass Solutions the window tinting company of choice.


Make your home safer and more comfortable while saving money on lower electricity bills!

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